eBike Positioning Guide

Here at Gazelle, we make eBikes to suit every type of rider and riding experience. We separate our bikes into three main categories: Easy, Active, and Sportive. Each category's bikes offer a unique riding experience, with key differences in seating posture, suspension, frame style, and more. Which position will suit you best? Let's find out!

Get back in the e-bike saddle


 Upright, relaxed, and accessible.

Get back in the e-bike saddle


Versatile, functional, and balanced.

Get back in the e-bike saddle


High-performance, dynamic, and capable.

See The Difference

Curious what each position looks like in action? Check out EasyActive, and Sportive riding in our video exploring our North American HQ town of Santa Cruz on three different Gazelle ebikes.

Pure Bliss


If you want a relaxed riding experience, our Easy category is perfect. A super upright posture ensures great visibility and comfort, a low-step frame enables accessibility and stress-free mounting and dismounting, and suspension components and ergonomic features further enhance comfort. Easy bikes are optimal for running errands, carrying kids or a heavier load, or simply more casual riding.

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Perfect Balance


For a slightly more dynamic riding experience, ideal for commuting and longer trips, take a look at the Gazelle models in our Active category. These bikes feature a more forward-leaning posture, a range of frame styles: low to mid to high-step, a front suspension fork, comfort-oriented grips, and powerful Bosch motors, making them well-suited for more serious time in the saddle. 

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Dynamic Performance


Bikes in our Sportive category have our most forward posture to inspire more sporty and adventurous riding. Higher gear ranges with external derailleurs complement more challenging routes. Stiffer mid and high-step frames offer a responsive road feel. With some Class 3 (28 mph) bikes in this mix, these bikes feature front suspension forks and powerful brakes. 

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