Best Electric Bike

Gazelle electric bikes are real winners!

Each year, various independent Bike Tests are done in the Netherlands. Our electric bikes are consistently winners! We have been striving for quality and innovation for over 129 years. The many awards that we've received are proof of our heritage in both. View the awards here, maybe your bike is included.

Awards 2021

Royal Dutch Gazelle has received the following awards

 Best of bicycles 2017-2021
Best of bicycles 2017-2021

Gazelle wins 'Best of Bicycles'. We have the most awarded designs at the iF Design Awards.

Awards 2020

Royal Dutch Gazelle has received the following awards

Consumers' Association bike test
Consumers' Association bike test

Medeo T9 HMB is rated with a 7.4!

Awards 2019

Royal Dutch Gazelle has received the following awards

iF Design Award 2019
iF Design Award 2019

iF Design Award 2019: Ultimate C8+ HMB

German Design Award 2019
German Design Award 2019

Gazelle Ultimate C8+ HMB wins!


Do you want to know more about these winners? Or are you interested in a Gazelle bicycle?

Then take a look at our models overview page.

Awards of the past decades


Dutch Awards

Winners in The Netherlands


 iF Design Award  Gazelle N°1  2017
 Good Industrial Design  CityGo, CityZen C8+ HMB  2017
 Good Industrial Design  Ami C8   HMS  2017
 Bicycle test 2016,  Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB  2016
 Score of 8,5 in the Bicycle test of 2016 by  Gazelle CityZen Speed  2016
 Score of 8,5 in the Bicycle test of 2016 by  Gazelle CityZen C8 HMB  2016
 Score of 8,1 Plus on the magazine E-bike test   2016  Gazelle Orange C330 HMB  2016
 De Telegraaf Nationale bicycle test 2016  Ultimate S8  2016
 'Gut' van van ElektroRad - januari 2016  Miss Grace  2016
 'Sehr gut' van ElektroRad - januari 2016  CityZen C8 HMB  2016
 Aktiv Radfahren Empfehlung  Ultimate C11  2015
 ANWB, Best e-bike up to € 2500  Orange C7 HM  2015
 Telegraaf Fietstest E-bike starting at € 2500  Ultimate T2i HM  2015
 Telegraaf Fietstest toerfietsen up to € 1249  Ultimate T1  2015
 Nominatie Speed e-bike of the year 2015  Impulse EM Speed  2015
 Nominatie bicycle of the year 2015  Van Stael  2015
 Nationale bicycle test up to € 1000  Eclipse LTD  2014
 sporty AD bicycle test 2014  Ultimate C1  2014
 bicycle innovation Award  Gazelle Cleanbar  2013
 Nominee bicycle of the year 2013  Esprit Urban  2013
 Recognition of Good Industrial Design  Balance Innergy  2011
 Recognition of Good Industrial Design  Friiik  2011 
 Recognition of Good Industrial Design  het   PowerClick   standaard  2011 
 Bicycle of the year  Eclipse Limited Edition  2011
 Special Award Bicycle of the year  Ultimate Excellent  2010
 Recognition of Good Industrial Design  FenderVision koplamp  2009
 Special Award Bicycle of the year  Montreux Limited   Edition   2009
 Bicycle of the year  Chamonix Innergy   2009
 Dutch Design Award  Cabby bakfiets  2008
 Recognition of Good Industrial Design  Orange Innergy   2008
 ANWB Kids choice  Gazelle  2007
 Special Award bicycle of the year  Orange Limited Edition   2007
 ANWB Kids choice  Bumper 26"  2006
 Bicycle innovation Award  Gazelle Lite Hybrid   Superieur  2006
 Bicycle innovation Award  Gazelle Power Eye   koplamp  2006
 Bicycle of the year  Orange Limited Edition   2005
 ANWB Kids choice  Shift  2003
 ANWB Kids choice  Gazelle  2002
 Bicycle of the year  ScooterBike Pro  2002
 Gelderse Design Award  Tranza vouwfiets  2001
 Bicycle innovation Award  Gazelle Comfort Seat  2001
 Recognition of Good Industrial Design  Gazelle  1997
 ANWB Kids choice  Gazelle  1997
 Bicycle of the year  Skydrive  1995

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