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August 29, 2020

The Best E-Bike for Every Type of Rider, According to Experts

It’s never a bad idea to take bicycling cues from the Netherlands, where the citizens ride more than in just about any other European country..." 

August 26, 2020

5 Speedy Commuter Ebikes We Want To Try

We covered the release of the Medeo T10+ a couple of weeks ago, and it caught our attention for two reasons: 1) We had an absolute blast testing the Gazelle Ultimate T10+..."

August 20, 2020

Gazelle Medeo T10+ might be the ultimate commuter ebike

But what I’ll probably miss most is the reliability, range, and sheer hill-chomping torque of the Bosch Performance line Speed system. The T10+ is a truly great commuter."

August 11, 2020

Gazelle Ultimate T10+ Electric Bike Review

Right off the bat, the build quality, the thought, the design, and components on the bike make it clear the Gazelle Ultimate T10+ is a premium bike...”

July 8, 2020

The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB Craves Variety

It’s a sturdy, well-constructed, rattle-free, reliable bike that feels solid on the road, lets you ride no-handed with confidence, takes corners like a champ, and flies through tight spaces without slowing down. review
May 20, 2020

Gazelle Ultimate T10+ Ebike Review

Some bikes stir your heart from the first blush. Just pure eye candy. That’s what I felt after unboxing and assembling the Gazelle Ultimate T10+...”

May 19, 2020

E-bikes are eating the bike market

Whether it's the coronavirus crisis or the climate crisis, e-bikes can be part of the solution. We have been saying for some time that e-bikes will eat cars, that cargo e-bikes will eat SUVs...”

May 8, 2020

New Gazelle Medeo T9 mid-drive e-bike mixes Dutch style and trail riding

Gazelle doesn’t just make Dutch-style e-bikes, they make actual Dutch e-bikes. As in, they’re built in Holland. And the company’s latest release...

March 10, 2020

10 Best Commuter Bikes

Arrive at work in record time on the sleek CityZen, a relatively sleek e-bike that boasts everything you need and nothing you don’t. Creature comforts include: a front shock, 10-speed Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping...

December 4, 2019

We tested over 1,000 products in 2019. These are the best.

“Most gadgets claim to improve your life. Most fail. A new laptop or fancy phone might be fun, but life-changing? Not really. Gazelle’s Ultimate T10 is a different story. This can legitimately make your life better.“

November 12, 2019

Gazelle Ultimate T10 review: The best commuter ebike

“Most electric bikes look a mess, but not the Gazelle Ultimate T10. It’s a stunner, and the best commuter bike I’ve seen yet. Available in white or red, the Ultimate T10 ebike takes an unexpected road towards beauty."

November 1, 2019

6 month report: My e-bike ate my car

It changes everything – how you think about bikes and how you think about cars. I often paraphrase analyst Horace Dediu and say, "E-bikes will eat cars." I have now been riding a Gazelle Medeo e-bike for six months and can report that it's true; it ate my car”

September 27, 2019

The Best E-Bikes of 2019

“Best for Cruising: Arrive at work in record time on the sleek CityZen. It has all the creature comforts: a front shock, 10-speed Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping.”

July 1, 2019

Can a $2,500 E-Bike Replace Your Car?

“I tested the Gazelle Medeo electric cruiser to see how many gallons of gas it saved me on my daily commute. I live just over 18 miles from, and 1,345 feet in elevation below, my office in Santa Fe.”
March 7, 2019

This ebike is so good it won a prestigious design award

“Since 1953, the IF Design Awards have been given out on an annual basis in an effort to shine a spotlight on amazing breakthroughs in industrial design...This year, one of those winners is a new ebike from Gazelle that took home an award for its outstanding performance.”