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Gazelle’s history is very much the history of the bicycle as a popular means of urban transportation. Gazelle's original Dutch-style comfort bike won the hearts of the Netherlands over 125 years ago. Continued innovation in design and technology has people all over the world falling in love with our brand today. Remaining at the technological forefront to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible, Gazelle is an integral part of Dutch cycling heritage and has kept in cadence with today’s global innovation with a new line of electric bikes. Gazelle has positioned itself as the benchmark for urban mobility - traditionally and contemporarily.

Unique Selling Benefits

  • Over 125 years of authentic Dutch history
  • Dating that meets your needs
  • Aggressive Margins
  • Avoid tariffs with Dutch manufacturing

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To become a Gazelle Bikes Dealer you must:

  • Be located in the United States or Canada
  • Have a Valid Tax ID
  • Have a Physical Store location

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