Class 1 eBikes

If you're looking for the classic ebike experience, check out Gazelle Class 1 electric bikes! Rated at 20 mph top speed, Class 1 ebikes are designed to provide the perfect pedal assistance exactly when you need it.

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What is a Class 1 eBike?

In the United States, electric bicycles are classified based on their maximum achievable speed using either a pedal-assist or throttle motor. Let's examine Gazelle's pedal-assist bikes, also known as pedelecs. Also known as pedelecs, these bikes only propel forward when you pedal—no coasting allowed! At Gazelle, our pedelecs fall into two categories: Class 1 and Class 3.

Class 1 electric bicycles provide pedal assistance up to 20 mph. While descending a steep hill, you may surpass 20 mph due to momentum alone, but the electric motor assistance will cease at 20 mph. It's akin to cycling on a traditional bike, but with the added advantage of a motor that responds to your pedaling, offering assistance. You'll experience a perpetual tailwind sensation, enhancing your ride with ease and pleasure. In many states, the maximum speed allowed on multi-use paths is 15 mph. Thus, despite the capability of Class 1 electric bikes to go faster, riders are required to follow the speed limit signs.

Class 1 ebikes are preferred for their combination of assistance and cycling pleasure, making them suitable for a variety of users, from commuters to recreational cyclists.

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Class 1 eBike: Engineered for Efficiency & Comfort

Maximize your ride time with a Class 1 electric bike. Featuring dependable components, ergonomic frame geometry, and a range of riding styles—from classic upright to sporty and active positions—our ebikes are genuine mile-eaters. Powered by Bosch technology and high-capacity batteries, our mid motors provide ample power and torque for conquering even the steepest hills. With a Class 1 electric bike, tailor your settings to match your riding preferences, whether you crave extra power after a lengthy day or assistance navigating through bustling traffic. 

Understanding Class 1 eBike Regulations

Class 1 ebikes are versatile, operating similarly to traditional bicycles regarding power delivery. They are also among the least regulated categories due to their lower speeds. Regulations often entail restrictions on where you can ride your ebike. Class 1 electric bikes are permitted on straight, paved roads, single-track mountain trails, and shared-use bike lanes. However, regulations vary significantly across national, state, and local jurisdictions. It's advisable to familiarize yourself with regulations in your area. For those in the US, serves as a valuable starting point for inquiries.

If you primarily use your electric bicycle on public streets and highways, a class 1 ebike is the most suitable option for you. Additionally, many individuals begin their ebike journey with this class.

Ready to Test Ride Your New Class 1 eBike?

Excited to take your new Class 1 ebike for a spin? Head to a local bike shop or swing by our Experience Center for a test ride on our Class 1 ebikes. You can either drop by or arrange an online consultation. During your appointment, a Gazelle advisor will be on hand to answer all your queries about our Class 1 electric bikes.