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What can I expect during my free online consultation?

Nowadays there is so much information about ebikes on the internet, it can be overwhelming! Whether you are a first-time rider or a seasoned professional, we are here to help. Some questions that we get during our online consultations are:

  • How do ebikes work, what are the different classes of ebikes, and what differentiates pedal-assist from throttle-assist models?
  • What are important things to take into account when deciding on the right type of ebike and (Gazelle) model for your specific needs and lifestyle?
  • How do I properly maintain and care for my ebike to ensure longevity?
  • Or maybe you want to learn more about the history of Gazelle and how we still build our bikes in the Netherlands? 

We've got you covered! Book a virtual consultation with our ebike experts for help finding your perfect ride. Dive into the complete Gazelle Experience and explore our ebike fleet, get personalized advice, and discover a dose of Dutch cycling culture right in the comfort of your own home. We'll guide you toward your ideal ebike to test ride at a dealer near you.  

Please note: virtual consultations are intended for prospective buyers. Consultations are not intended for customer support for current owners. If you have questions about your Gazelle ebike, your local Gazelle dealer is the best place to start. If you have questions about compatible after-market accessories, we highly recommend joining the Gazelle Owners Group on Facebook, a warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable group of riders who can share personal recommendations based on their experiences. If you need direct support from Gazelle, please email [email protected].

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Freedom, fun, and utility—experience the joy of riding, Gazelle-style. With over 130 years of dedication, craftsmanship, and heritage, we’ve perfected the art of the ride and are eager to share our passion and knowledge with you. Offering personalized advice and a delightful dose of Dutch cycling culture, discover your perfect bike with a visit to our Experience Center in Santa Cruz. 

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How does the online consultation work?

The online consultation is a 30 minute video meeting through Google Meet. Once you choose your preferred date and time you will receive an email with your virtual appointment link. At the time of your appointment just click on your link to start the session. Your Gazelle advisor will answer all of your ebike questions. After your session, you will receive a Bike Advice email with details regarding any specific model you had talked about as well as a follow up email from your Gazelle advisor.

What are the costs of an online consultation?

Our online consultation is a free service

What if I'm not available anymore?

We understand life happens. If you are not available for your scheduled appointment, simply cancel your appointment through your confirmation email and reschedule at a later date and time through our booking page. You will not be charged and we are happy to accommodate you.

What are the benefits?

This is an opportunity to have a one on one personalized meeting with a Gazelle advisor. This is especially wonderful for those who are not close to a Gazelle dealer, unable to travel, or finding difficulty finding answers to their questions online. Anyone can enjoy what the Gazelle Experience Center has to offer from the comfort of their own home.