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Comfort position

Comfort position

All of our bikes are designed for a comfortable ride.


Bikes for fun, fitness, commuting and utility. We got you.
Easy travel

Easy travel

Powered by mid drive motors our bikes are fast.
Engineered in Holland

Engineered in Holland

No one knows bikes better than the Dutch.

Meet a new way of getting around.

Enjoy effortless cycling with the Bosch mid-motor system. The low placement of the motor makes for excellent maneuverability and handling.

"Riding a Gazelle is like having super strength"

- Brooke

"Now I glide up hills in style"

- Michael

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If there's one thing all of our Gazelle riders share, it's a penchant for having fun. We love our customers and hope you enjoy their stories.
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"A true Dutch icon"

- Jessica

"A true utility bike"

- Aaron
CityZen e-bike

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