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Royal Dutch Gazelle, Dieren, Holland

More than 125 year of Innovation

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making quality bikes for more than 125 years. We do this with a focus on innovation and full of passion.

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Royal Dutch Gazelle, Dieren, Holland

Who is Royal Dutch Gazelle?

Koninklijke Gazelle has been a household name in the Netherlands for more than 125 years. The bike is an essential part of our daily life. We have been making quality bicycles since 1892: light, smart design and innovative.

Gazelle makes e-bikes and city bikes for every type of use. We have a bicycle in our range for everyone. Bikes with a low entry to a fast speed pedelec. Every year around 250,000 bicycles roll out of our factory in Dieren, the Netherlands.

Did you know that about 25 professionals assemble and check every part per bicycle?

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