Shimano Steps

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E-bikes with a mid-motor

Electric bikes with a Shimano Steps mid-motor are perfect for the daily bike ride, but certainly also for longer distances. You cycle effortlessly with a ebike with a Shimano mid-engine. The low placement of the motor ensures excellent maneuverability and road holding of your e-bike. With a torque of at least 40 Nm to a maximum of 60 Nm, it provides support not only on flat, but also on hilly terrain.

Electric bikes with Shimano Steps mid-motor have a Walk Assist up to 3,7 mph. E-bikes with a Steps mid-engine have a start mode and therefore automatically switch back when you stop.

Shimano Steps E-5000

Electric bikes with a Shimano Steps E-5000 mid-motor benefit from a light, quiet and affordable e-bike system. This ebike motor offers maximum support for commuting, the daily rides through the city or just to get an errand. This type of motor provides a smooth, yet powerful and natural riding experience on your e-bike.

Shimano Steps E-6100

Electric bikes with a Shimano Steps E-6100 motor are made with the latest technologies. Ebikes with this mid-motor are powerful and light and have an optimal power transfer. All this for many kilometers of cycling fun!

The smooth pedal assistance is easy to operate and the motor is compact and neatly concealed in the frame. Gazelle e-bikes with a Shimano Steps E6100 mid-engine give you a helping hand when you need it most.

Shimano Steps displays

Electric bikes with a Shimano Steps mid-motor always have a Shimano Steps display mounted. With Gazelle ebikes, this display is in the middle or on the side of the handlebar and you can easily operate it by the handle. This way you never have to let go of your handle and you can safely determine the support.

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Location Shimano Steps battery

At an electric bike with a Shimano Steps mid-motor the battery is often placed in the luggage carrier or on the frame. When the battery is placed in the luggage carrier, you can choose a battery yourself. This fast rechargeable li-ion battery has a large capacity and will take you wherever you want to go and back again. The Shimano Steps battery can always be charged quickly, handy for on the go!

For electric bikes with a Shimano system, you can choose between a gold battery (418 Wh) or a platinum battery (504 Wh). If there is no choice, we have already selected the battery for you. You can always find this in the manual of your ebike.

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How far do you cycle with a Shimano ebike?

How far can you actually ride with an ebike with a Shimano Steps mid-motor? That is a good question! And there is no unequivocal answer. We always have an indication range table, but the real range of your electric bike depends on a number of factors. For example: the chosen battery, tire pressure, weather conditions, road surface and support mode.