Calculate Bike frame size

To enjoy cycling it is important that you sit comfortably and well on your bike. The frame size of your bike is the height of the frame of your bike in centimeters. Which frame size you need depends on a number of factors: your inseam, bike type or sitting position.

We love to help you find the right bike size.

Which bike frame size do I need?

We give you 2 or 3 sizes based on your height. Need help? Go to one of our bike shops.

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Need personal advice?

You can easily have your frame size calculated at our bike shops. Our specialists have bikes in different frame sizes
and are happy to help you determine your ideal bike frame size. You can also test a number of bikes in different frame heights, so that you always buy the right bike.

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Bike frame size overview

The frame size of your bike can easily be calculated based on your height. The frame size is expressed in centimeters, it is the length of the vertical tube in your frame: the tube where your saddle sticks out. In the bike frame size chart below you can, according to your height, calculate your frame size. This is an indication.

Length (cm) Bike frame size (cm) Frame size
1.50m - 1.60m 42 XXS
1.55m - 1.65m 44 XS
1.60m - 1.70m 45* S
1.55m - 1.70m 46 S
1.60m - 1.70m 49 S
1.60m - 1.70m 51 S
1.65m - 1.78m 50* M
1.65m - 1.78m 53 M
1.65m - 1.78m 54** M
1.73m - 1.85m 55* L
1.73m - 1.85m 57 L
1.73m - 1.85m 59** L
1.80m - 1.95m 60 XL
1.80m - 1.95m 61 XL
1.80m - 1.95m 64 XL
1.80m - 1.95m 66 XL
1.90m - 2.05m 65 XXL
  *Only at Gazelle Medeo
**Only at Lifestyle


Frequently asked questions about frame sizes

Why do you recommend multiple bike frame sizes?

We have different frames available in different sizes. For example: Gazelle Medeo is available in 45, 50, 55 and 60. Gazelle Orange is available in 42, 46, 49, 53, 57, 61, 65. A bike frame size at Gazelle is always shown in centimeters and is the distance between: the top of the seat tube and the center of the bottom bracket.

Because we use different frames for our bikes, you may receive multiple frame sizes as advice. Especially if you have an average body height, almost every bike is available in a suitable frame size.

In addition, your ideal frame size depends on a number of factors: type of bike (e.g. e-bike or city bike), your inseam, sitting position and whether you want a sprung saddle. Personal preference is also important. We always advise to go test drive so that you can experience the differences in frame sizes for yourself.

Can I measure my frame size myself?

You can calculate the frame size of your bike yourself by measuring your inseam. But how do you do this?

  • Grab a tape measure
  • Take off your shoes and socks and place your feet 20 cm apart
  • Measure (or have measured) the distance from the cross to the ground
  • Multiply the distance by 0.68: this is your ideal frame size
  • Do you have a bike with a suspension seat post? Then calculate: frame size minus 4

Where can I find the frame size of my Gazelle bike?

The frame size of your Gazelle bike can be found on the sticker near your bottom bracket, above the lock or on the tube under the saddle.

Need help with the measurement?

Are you unable to figure it out yourself? Then visit a Gazelle bike shop in your area to have your frame size determined.