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Is your e-bike not turning on or experiencing a defect? It's frustrating when something doesn't work. But don't worry! There can be many reasons for this and even more solutions. Read in this article what you can do yourself in these situations and when it's time to consult an expert:

E-bike battery problems

Is your e-bike battery fully charged but not working?

It could be that your battery is not charging properly. First, check if the charging cable might be the issue and if it's still intact. If it's not the charging cable, we strongly advise against checking and opening the battery yourself. An e-bike battery is very complicated and should only be disassembled by experts. Take your battery to one of our specialist shops if you're having trouble charging it.

Can't remove your e-bike battery?

If you can't remove your e-bike battery, try to figure out if it's the lock or the holder causing the problem. Here are some examples of why your battery might be stuck and what you can do about it:

  • Don't wait too long when your battery starts to jam. Even while only slightly jamming, we recommend that you maintain your battery lock with oil to make it easier to insert and remove.

  • If the battery lock is jammed, the locking cylinders may not be functioning properly and the key won't turn. This can make it difficult to get the battery out of its holder. Make sure you have a cover for your keyhole so that no water can penetrate and your lock won't rust. Did it still rust? Visit a Gazelle shop near you to have it fixed.

  • If your battery lock's key only turns slightly, it may not be inserted far enough. Again, using oil and sliding the key in and out several times can help.

  • It's also possible that your e-bike battery expands in size over the years, making it difficult to remove from the holder. If you notice a gap between the housing halves, you should visit your specialist shop, who can safely remove and replace the battery.

E-bike motor problems

If you're having problems with your e-bike motor or your e-bike assistance fails, it can often help to turn off the motor using the display, waiting for 10 seconds, and then restarting it. Just restarting will often fix the issue. You can also try removing the battery, waiting for a short while, and then reinserting it. If pressing the start button for your battery still doesn't work, you should seek help from our experts and visit a bike store.

E-bike display problems

If your e-bike display doesn't turn on or shows a malfunction, you can do the following two things:

  1. Check if your display is properly connected. Make sure you haven't inserted the display too gently into the holder, otherwise, not all connectors touch. Also, check if all display cables of your e-bike are intact and properly connected.

  2. Refer to the manual for all possible error messages. If your error message isn't listed or you can't solve the problem on your own, please visit our Gazelle specialist shops to get assistance.

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E-bike chain problems

If your e-bike has problems with the chain or belt drive, we have a checklist for you that will help you find the problem:

  • Check if the chain runs straight. Place the chain on a middle gear and look at eye level to see if the two derailleur pulleys align exactly under the sprockets. This is the only way gear changes can work smoothly.

  • If your chain jumps off the chainring, it's possible that the distance between the large chainring and the outer guide plate isn't properly adjusted. This should always have a distance of 1-3 mm.

  • If the chain slips, the chain tension is likely too loose, or the wear on the sprocket is too high. Consult an expert to determine if the chain needs to be retightened or replaced.

  • Make sure you regularly clean and lubricate your chain to minimize wear on the chain links.

  • If you have difficulty opening the chain case and fixing the chain problem on your own, visit one of our experts. They will help get your e-bike back in top shape.

E-bike pedaling problems

If you're having trouble pedaling or your e-bike makes noises while pedaling, listen carefully and try to locate the cause. The cracking noise while pedaling often comes from dry or dirty bearings. After thoroughly cleaning your e-bike, water can penetrate the bottom bracket and cause corrosion. So, make sure you regularly grease your pedal threads, especially after contact with water.

If your bottom bracket still creaks, you can also check the bottom bracket cups, tighten the cranks, or tighten the chainrings. Worn chainrings cause cracking noises as the worn teeth hold the chain links.

Other e-bike problems

If the light on your e-bike doesn't turn on or flickers, there could be several reasons. If your light doesn't work despite being correctly mounted, it's possible that a bike shop needs to activate the light function first.

Also, if you change your light in between, it might not work immediately because the voltage of the light doesn't match the specified system voltage. In this case, you should visit the nearest bike shop and have the voltage adjusted.

If your front light fails but the rear light still works, we recommend checking the cable. Corrosion on the lamp housing can cause a short circuit. You can use a multimeter to check if there's still current flowing. If the device detects voltage, the rear light should be on. This means that the power supply through the cable to the inactive lamp is interrupted, and the circuit board may be defective. Therefore, check if the lamp works with another power source.

If you need help with this or have other concerns with your e-bike that you can't handle on your own, we always recommend visiting one of our bike shops.

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