E-bike motor problems

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Fist things firts: how does the motor work?

Before we address the potential problems with an e-bike motor, it is useful to understand how it actually works. An e-bike complements the rider's own pedalling power with the power of an electric motor. The energy for this is supplied by a battery located on the bike frame or in the luggage carrier. The e-bike motor is usually located in the middle of the bike or on one of the wheels. Intelligent sensors measure the pedalling force, speed and rotation of the pedals, ensuring that the motor provides the correct amount of electrical assistance.

Learn here what kinds of problems can occur with e-bike motors and what you can do to fix them.

What kinds of problems can occur?

Your e-bike motor isn't providing any assistance? There can be many different reasons why an e-bike motor might not be functioning properly. This can be directly related to the motor, but can also be caused by other factors. For example, the display may be defective or the battery may be empty. Find out how motor assistance can fail and whether you can fix these problems yourself or whether you should seek expert help.

The display

If your display or on-board computer is not functioning, it may be due to contacts rusting from moisture or cold, and thereby causing interruptions in the flow of electricity. This, in turn, can lead to malfunctions or a complete breakdown of the display. Many displays can be easily removed from the holder so that you can check the contacts yourself. For other models, you may need to loosen a screw at the bottom to remove the display. Often, simply reinserting the display can help to reconnect the contacts. If a simple reinsertion doesn't solve the problem, you can also wipe the contacts with a dry cloth. Please do not use a wet rag or cleaning products as they can damage the contacts.

In addition, you can restart the display and hope that a reset will solve the problem with your motor. If neither a reset nor a new insertion of the display help, visit one of our Gazelle specialists in your area and let the experts help you.

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The battery

If you're having problems with your e-bike motor, it may also be due to the battery. It occasionally happens that the battery is not properly seated in its holder. Here, you can use foam rubber for a quick solution to fill any gaps between the housing and the frame. However, in the long term, you should have this problem repaired in a workshop.

As with the display, moisture can also penetrate the contacts in your battery, causing motor assistance to fail. In this case, you can remove the battery from its holder, check all the contacts and dry them with a dry cloth. If the battery is well reconnected to the contacts, your motor should also function flawlessly.

Another reason for problems with your motor caused by the battery could be a defective circuit board. In this case, an expert needs to replace either the circuit board or the entire battery.

The sensors

A non-functioning e-bike motor may also be caused by faulty sensors. The sensor technology regulates the transmission of motor power to the drive system. It ensures a good riding feel and optimal and efficient support. Defects can occur in the motor internal sensors required for measuring pedal frequency and power transmission. In this case, you should consult a Gazelle expert, as sensor technology is very sensitive and complex.

The wiring and connections

If your e-bike motor is experiencing problems, it may also be due to interrupted cable connections. Vibrations while riding may cause plugs under the display or on the steering tube to come loose. In this case, the motor is no longer controlled and pedal support fails. If the cables run outside the frame, it is easy to check the cable connections yourself and rethread loose cables.

If the cables run inside the frame, you should have them checked by a specialist to avoid further damage.

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