E-bike with Belt Drive

Don't feel like getting your hands dirty every time the bike chain slips off, and annoyed with the chain's ticking noise? Then you should consider buying an e-bike with belt drive from Gazelle.

This connection between the rear wheel and pedals has a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, your e-bike with belt drive is pleasantly silent, and you can listen to the birds chirping during your ride.

Set Descending Direction

    Why buy an e-bike with a belt drive?

    If you value the following features, then belt drive is the perfect choice for your e-bike.

    Versatile: Gazelle offers e-bikes with belt drive for various bike types. We have e-bikes with low step-throughs, as well as modern and sporty e-bikes equipped with belt drive.

    Durable: This robust drive system is long-lasting since the toothed belts are professionally mounted and made of sturdy material. Therefore, the belt drive is also suitable for frequent riders since it can withstand about 30,000 kilometres without damage.

    Low Maintenance: Regular oiling and cleaning, like with a regular bike chain, are unnecessary. Even winter road salt can hardly damage the belt. Another advantage: carbon fibres are used in the belt drive, so the belt won't stretch over time.

    Quiet: There is no clicking or ticking with the belt drive, allowing you to fully enjoy the quiet of nature on your next bike ride.

    Types of gears for e-bikes with belt drive

    At Gazelle, you can find e-bikes with belt drive with different types of gears.

    E-bike with Enviolo transmission and belt drive:
    For example, the Gazelle Ultimate Speed 380 has the Enviolo trekking hub, allowing you to shift gears continuously with ease. There are no more gear jumps, just push the gear shifter to a slightly lighter or heavier position.

    E-bike with hub gear and belt drive:
    You can get reliable hub gears from Gazelle in the 5 and 8-speed systems. Do you like it simple? For example, the Chamonix C5 HMS or the Grenoble C5 HMB have a belt drive and 5 classic gears for you. Do you need more flexibility? The Ultimate C8+ HMB Belt has a Nexus 8 hub.

    Do you want to test an e-bike with belt drive first?

    Then visit one of our many e-bike test centres for detailed advice. Our network of Gazelle dealers throughout the UK are also available to assist you.