eBike Maintenance and Care: Tips for Keeping Your Electric Bike in Top Shape

Regular maintenance on your Gazelle ebike will ensure you enjoy every ride because your bike is running smoothly and efficiently. Follow our simple steps to care for your ebike.

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1. Check your tire pressure

Keeping your tires at the correct pressure is the most basic maintenance step in any bike owner’s repertoire. It makes your ebike less likely to get a flat, move more efficiently, and your tires grip the road surface better. Check the sidewall of your tire or the owner’s manual for your correct tire pressure. Do this before you ride, especially if your bike has not been used for a while. Generally keep your tire pressure above 50-55 PSI. If you are on the heavier side >200lbs aim for 60 PSI. Check your tires for a max PSI setting and be sure not exceed it.

Woman riding a blue bike after doing here regular maintenance

2. Check cables and connectors for wear

Carefully look at all your cables and connections for any signs of damage, such as fraying or wear to the outer casing. Check that the connections are secure and have no signs of rust. Take a small spin around and shift through the gears to make sure you are getting the full range and the shifting is going between each gear. If there are issues here you may have to refer to an online guide on derailleur adjustment or take it into your local shop.

3. Check your brakes for wear

Your brakes are a really important safety feature of your bike, so they need regular checking before every ride. Check that your disc is not rusted, bent, or scratched. Lift the front of your bike, spin the wheel, and then pull on the brake lever to check the wheel stops quickly and firmly. Lift the back of your bike and repeat.

Push your bike along and squeeze each brake at a time, listening for any scratching or gritty noises, which suggest the pads or disc need cleaning. Be very careful not to contaminate your discs with lubricants or silicone spray when cleaning your bike as this can stop them from working properly.

You can also take a light and shine it on the brake pads to see if there is enough material.

4. Regularly charge your batteries

Regularly charging will ensure your electric bike is always ready when you are. Get into the habit of charging frequently because storing the bike at low charge levels reduces the battery’s storage capacity. Set up a place at home or work convenient for charging, so it’s easy and won’t be forgotten. If you want to learn more about battery care, check out our battery golden rules.

5. Regularly lube your chain

Keeping your chain well lubricated is another basic maintenance step, it makes your bike easier to pedal and wastes less energy. Before lubing your chain make sure to use a degreaser to wipe off any dirt or excess oil before applying any fresh oil. Once it is lubed, take a clean cloth to wipe off any excess lube. Make sure to wipe off your chain because too much lube on your chain can attract dirt and turn your lovely clean chain into a gloopy mess.

Note: If you have a belt drive Gazelle ebike, congratulations! This drive system is famously low-maintenance and durable, plus no lube needed! The only thing you should do here is ensure you have enough tension in the belt and inspect for cracks or tears every few rides.

Thanks for reading our guide on regular ebike maintenance. If you are looking for more information on our bikes check out our knowledge base.

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