Electric bikes with step-through frame

A bike with a step-through frame makes it easier to get on your bike. These bikes are suitable for both women and men. A low-step electric bike with easy entry offers the best of both worlds, easy entry and electric power! The entry is moved so far down that maximum comfort is achieved and older people can easily get on their electric bike.

Not sure if a low entry bike is the right choice? You can get extensive advice and even take a free test ride at one of our stores.

Set Descending Direction

    What is a step-through electric bike?

    An electric bike with a step-through frame or low entry is a bike with a frame tube that is lower down. In the past, this type of bike was often called a ladies' bike. However, an e-bike with low entry is not only the ideal electric bike for women. This type of bike is also perfect for older people, people with physical limitations, and also men and women in business attire. The low entry makes it easy for them to get on and off, so an e-bike with a low entry is no longer just the right choice for women.

    Why choose an e-bike with a step-through frame?

    Do you often find it difficult to get on and off a (electric) bike comfortably? Then a bike with a step-through frame is really something for you! An e-bike with low entry is the ideal combination because it is an electrically powered bike with a comfortable, low entry. Therefore, an e-bike with a step-through frame is ideal for older people who want to rediscover the pleasure of cycling.

    Getting on an e-bike is easier here and thanks to the electric drive, longer bike rides are not a problem. Do you want an electric bike with a low entry and a mid-drive motor? That is possible with us.

    Test ride on a Gazelle electric bike with low entry

    Do you doubt whether a low entry Gazelle e-bike is the right choice? We understand that buying an e-bike is an important decision that you do not want to take lightly. Did you know that you can test our electric bikes for free at our Gazelle dealers? So what are you waiting for?