Electric bikes

The electric bike or e-bike; you can barely cross the street without seeing one. In all shapes, colors and sizes, they are everywhere! We offer a wide range of bikes with pedal assistance.

Do your daily shopping with the electric bike, cycle to work or relax through nature by bike. Looking for bike accessories? View accessories for your Gazelle (electric) bike here.

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    Everything you need to know before buying an e-bike

    With hard winds and bad weather, it can be nice to get some extra biking support. Or when you want to cycle long distances or have a hard time peddling yourself. That makes the electric bike a great solution: optimal biking fun with minimal effort and maximum support. Even if you don’t necessarily need the extra support, the e-bike might still be a great choice for you. Electric bikes make your trip just a little easier and even more fun!

    Which electric bike to buy?

    Choosing the best electric bike for you can be quite a challenge. It can be hard to choose because there are so many different types and models. With or without Walk Assist, motor in the front or the middle, a normal or extra powerful motor - what suits you? Of course you want to be sure before making your purchase. But how to find out which electric bicycle suits your wishes and needs? Use our Selection Guide to find the perfect match!

    An e-bike is practical, easy, and offers a great alternative to traveling by car or public transport. You use it just like a regular bike, except the motor offers you extra support when pedaling.

    Take a practice spin on an electric bicycle

    Have you made your choice? Or are you still debating which type of electric bicycles suits you best? Perhaps you want to choose an electric city bicycle, a lightweight e-bike, an electric transport bicycle, or an electric mother’s bike. Try Gazelle e-bikes in our e-bike shop. You can find the shops here