Electric bikes

The e-bike: you can barely cross the street without seeing one. In all shapes, colours and sizes, they are everywhere. We offer a wide range of electric bicycles suitable for any situation. Enjoy your daily commute to work, do some quick last-minute shopping or take your e-bike for spin across hilly landscapes. With the extra push of your e-bike, you will fly away and arrive everywhere feeling relaxed. Discover a whole new way to ride with a Gazelle e-bike! 

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    Everything you need to know before buying an e-bike

    With Britain’s changeable and sometimes rainy and windy weather conditions, it can be nice to have some extra support on your bike. The same applies if you want to cycle long distances or if you have a hard time pedalling yourself. In these cases, an electric bike is a great solution. Enjoy cycling with minimal effort and maximum support. Even if you don’t necessarily need the extra support, an e-bike might still be a great choice for you. A good electric bike makes it a little easier to get around and a lot more fun! 

    Choosing an electric bike can be difficult if you are a first-time buyer. Especially because there are so many different types and models. What suits you best? An e-bike with or without walk assist? A front hub motor or a mid-drive motor? A regular or an extra powerful motor? Of course, you want to be sure before buying your first e-bike. But how do you find out which electric bike suits your needs and requirements? Use our selection guide for e-bikes to find the perfect match!

    The battery and range of an electric bike

    An e-bike is ideal for long distances. However, the distance you can cycle with pedal assistance depends on the range of the battery. The battery powers the motor. Therefore, the further you want to ride with assistance, the stronger the battery should be. The range varies depending on the battery, weather conditions, landscape and your riding behaviour. 

    An electric bicycle from Gazelle has been tested beyond all limits

    When we say that our electric bikes have been tested beyond all limits, we really mean it. In our test laboratory in the Netherlands, we do e-bike tests in more than 129 different ways to ensure the highest quality and robustness.

    Electric bike frame size

    To enjoy your daily bike rides, it is important to have the right frame size. This way, you can apply more power and prevent physical complaints. To calculate your correct frame size, use our online frame size calculator or have an expert measure it for you in one of our Gazelle bike shops.

    Your perfect companion in the city

    Do you live in the city and travel almost everywhere by bike? Then you should check out our electric city bikes. In busy cities, a good sturdy e-bike is a must. After all, your bike is your most reliable companion with whom you go out every day. Therefore, everyone deserves a powerful city bike that gets you from A to B effortlessly.

    An electric women's bike for your lifestyle

    Are you looking for an electric women's bike with low entry? The modern women’s e-bikes are tailored for every imaginable lifestyle. Whether you are going to the office, to the gym or for a ride around town, with an e-bike from Gazelle your daily commute will be fun and comfortable. 

    Do you often use your bike to move all your belongings? Our electric transport bikes have a robust look and a practical front holder for your bags or a basket. Did you know that a low entry e-bike is also very suitable for men?

    Modern and stylish: the electric men's bike

    All our men’s e-bikes fully meet the requirements of modern life. An e-bike is convenient, practical and the perfect alternative to the car or public transport. Cover long distances in a short time and enjoy the ultimate feeling of freedom and flexibility.