Gazelle CityGo


The CityGo is the ultimate bike for busy cities with integrated lighting. This modern robust bike will take you anywhere. The designer rack will hold everything you need, from your laptop, to your shopping, to children in a child seat. In a packed bicycle shed the CityGo stands out thanks to its unique components and striking styling. The CityGo is fitted with both a frame lock and a chain lock, giving you extra protection against theft.

  • Robust
  • Bike park-proof
  • Can always be found again


Indestructible bike due to the front light integrated in the frame and the rear light concealed in the rear carrier. Both are powered by the hub dynamo.

Bike park-proof

Ideal for commuting to and from work, cycling to the gym or to friends, or simply for recreation. Added protection against theft through the ring lock and the extra chain lock you can store in the special holder on the frame.

Can always be found again

Thick tyres ensure a comfortable ride. The unique (optional) front carrier conveniently transports all your things. With its striking styling your bike always stands out from the rest. Handy in a busy street or in a full bike park.

Enjoy the ride

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