Gazelle Miss Grace

Styled down to smallest detail

Doesn’t it look fantastic? Feminine yet sturdy, it lives up to its name: Miss Grace. Styled down to the smallest detail, this utility bicycle with wide tyres is nice and light to handle. You can carry everything you need on the practical front luggage rack. And if you need a helping hand, you can go for the electric version of this miss.

  • Utility
  • Steady
  • Always in style


Carry everything you need on the practical front luggage rack. Shopping or school bag, nothing is too heavy More to transport? Then choose the Miss Grace rear carrier, then you can really transport anything.


Thanks to its twin-leg kick stand and the handlebar lock your bicycle will stay upright, however much you’re carrying. This bicycle will keep steady and upright even with a full crate or a heavy bag on the handlebar.

Always in style

Miss Grace is available in a wide range of stylings, There will always be one to suit you! It means you outshine everyone: in town, up a hill or on the way to work.

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    Enjoy the ride

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