City Bicycles

Gazelle Electric City Bikes

We think cycling should be practical and awesome. That’s why we make awesomely practical products. So you can ride effortlessly, in style, uphill or downhill, with no hands, suited up or dressed down. This is cycling according to Gazelle. Enjoy the Ride!

Gazelle has city -, and electric bikes that fit all of your daily needs. With wide tires and robust frames, Gazelle bicycles offer you stylish transportation with minimal fuss: uncompromised quality without complication. We have been building bikes since 1892.  YES!  That is over 125 years!

Electric city bikes for everyone

Gazelle electric bikes are made for everyone.  With a variety of low step frames, as well as traditional high step models, Gazelle makes a electric bicycles for every person and use. All our bikes come equipped with fenders, chainguards, kickstands, bells, lights, locks and racks to make your daily ride a breeze.  Get to work in style, enjoy a fun ride in the park or explore your city.  Gazelle has thought through all the details so that you don't have to. Enjoy the ride!

Lightweight all-around electric city bikes

Gazelle electric city bikes are lightweight, smooth riding and low maintenance. In our home country of Holland, we ride our bikes every day to get around town, to work, and to play. Because we rely on our bikes for so many daily activities we design them with comfort in mind and features to fit your lifestyle, using only the highest quality components.