Electric Assist Bikes

Electric Assist Bikes

Enjoy the ride with Gazelle

For over 125 years Gazelle has produced the highest-quality, most comfortable, lightweight electric-assist bikes possible. Our focus on thoughtful design and technical innovation is inspired by our love of cycling, and a belief that bicycles should be a part of daily life. 


Highest Capacity Batteries

Light and powerful

Enjoying the ride on your Gazelle should never be limited by the battery; that’s why we spec all Gazelle bicycles with the highest capacity batteries available from Bosch. Conquer distance and elevation but arrive at your destination refreshed, with your Gazelle electric assist bike.

Mid-Mounted Motor System

Effortless Cycling

Enjoy effortless cycling with the smooth and powerful mid-mounted motor. The low positioning of the motor gives you and the bike a stable and responsive feel while riding. With torque ranging from 40 Nm up to a maximum of 85 Nm, Bosch motors provide assistance on any type of terrain. Enjoy carefree cycling on your Gazelle with a mid-mounted motor. Wherever your day takes you, you'll enjoy the ride with a Gazelle electric assist bike. Interested in learning about the differences between mid and hub mounted motor systems? Check out our blog post on ebike hub vs mid drive motors.

Electric Bike Displays

Smart and Efficient

All Gazelle e-bikes come standard with a digital LCD display. This display enables you to see important information like your speed, distance traveled, range remaining, and selected motor assistance level. Mode selections include touring, eco, sport, and turbo to help you dial in the perfect level of assist. Control the level of electric assist with the touch of a finger.

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Explore Our Riders Stories

Our ambassadors love sharing their stories about riding Gazelle bikes on our blog. Learn why they choose a Gazelle pedal assist electric bike and how it has elevated their daily routine. Their adventurous rides are inspiring and passion for cycling is infectious, so check out their stories and become inspired by these lovely Gazelle riders.

Royal Dutch Gazelle

Here at Gazelle, we are proud of how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed. We’ll continue to make stylish, safe, comfortable, bicycles that are built for your daily life and for the long haul.

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