Electric Bikes for Adults

Looking for an electric bike for commuting or leisure? Here at Gazelle, we make ebikes for adults that are both dependable and stylish. We find that the best ebikes for adults are those that can meet riders' unique lifestyles, preferences, and needs. Gazelle electric bikes are equipped with premium Bosch ebike systems consisting of powerful and balanced mid-drive motors and high capacity batteries to ensure a safe and reliable ride, every time. Additionally, we spec our bikes with quality components and a variety of practical accessories and offer a range of frame styles and colors, so riders can find their ideal ebike fit. With over 125 years of experience making bikes for everyday riding, Gazelles are a joy to ride.

Features of Electric Bikes for Adults

Practical Accessories

Everything You Need

The best electric bikes for adults should be outfitted to support a busy lifestyle and make it easier to get things done on two wheels. Gazelle ebikes include practical accessories/thoughtful features such as integrated rear racks with high cargo weight ratings and are compatible with Gazelle accessories, front and rear lighting to illuminate your path and make you visible to others, locks to keep your bike safe, and fenders and chain guards to help you to stay clean and dry.

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Reliable eBike Systems

Technology You Can Trust

The best electric bikes for adults must be dependable, durable and fit your needs, from commuting to transportation to recreation. Gazelle electric bikes feature best-in-class Bosch electric systems with efficient and high-quality, mid-mounted motors, offering a balanced, superior ride quality, and refined power. Integrated with high-capacity batteries, you can be confident in the support and range your ebike will provide. Bosch ebike systems are time-tested, reliable, and low-maintenance.

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Style You Desire

The best electric bikes for adults allow riders to showcase their personal style while meeting their unique preferences. Gazelle ebikes are the ideal electric bikes for adults because we offer a wide variety of bikes from color to frame style to riding position. We have Class 1 and Class 3-rated bikes in over ten colors and have low, mid, and high-step frame options. Plus, our easy, active, and sportive posture options will ensure you find the best-fitting ebike for your preferred style of riding.

Electric Bike Positioning

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About Gazelle

130 Years of Excellence

Since 1892, Gazelle has produced bikes of exceptional quality, comfort, and value, inspired by our love of cycling and belief that bicycles should be accessible to all for daily life, and the long haul. Our thoughtful approach to design and relentless commitment to innovation drive us to create bikes to meet the needs of all types of riders, now and in the years to come. Discover more about this rich history and the joy of riding a Gazelle.

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