Electric Bike Displays

Problems with the Display of Your eBike

Is your electric bike’s display not turning on, or does it show an error message? Don't worry! Fortunately, there are always solutions when your ebike's display doesn't work. Read this article to learn how to handle display problems, what you can try yourself, and when it's time to consult an expert.

What Problems Can Occur?

Problems with your ebike’s display can have several causes. Many of them you can fix yourself: an (almost) empty battery, an interruption in the electrical connection to the display, a defective USB cable, or a shifted sensor magnet. Read on to find out how to fix these problems yourself.

Good to know: Your ebike display is waterproof, so the chance of water damage from snow or rain is very small. You don't have to worry about damage when cycling in bad weather.

eBike Display

Error Messages or Faults

If you do not use your ebike for a long period, the battery in the onboard computer may run down. First, check that it is sufficiently charged and whether the charging cable is working properly.

Do you have a removable display that doesn't turn on? A contact problem could be the cause. Remove the display from the holder and then reconnect it.

It could also be due to the cable connections. Disconnect each connector and check that the contacts are not wet or rusty. If they are, dry them well and use contact spray if necessary. Then reconnect the connectors.

You can always refer to the manual for a handy overview of error codes and display problems. If you no longer have a manual for your ebike, simply download it from the Gazelle website.

If the manual doesn't offer a solution and the display is still not working, we recommend visiting a Gazelle store. Experts there are always willing to help.

Why Doesn't My eBike's Display Turn On?

Imagine you are enjoying a bike ride, but suddenly a fault or error message appears on the display. What should you do? First, check the user manual that came with your ebike when you get home. It contains an overview of all possible error messages and malfunctions. See if your message is listed and if you can solve the problem yourself. If you can’t find or didn’t keep your user manual, this can easily be found online on our website.

If the display shows a speed of 0 mph while riding, the sensor magnet may not be properly positioned. To fix this, turn the magnet on the rear wheel toward the sensor. The distance between the magnet and the sensor should be as small as possible for accurate speed measurement.

If you can't decipher the error messages or fix the malfunctions, visit your nearest Gazelle store. They can diagnose and fix the display issues.

How Do I Reset the Display of My eBike?

If the display of your ebike goes dark during a ride, the software may have crashed. A reset is the solution. Turn on the display and simultaneously press and hold the reset and i-buttons for at least three seconds. This will take you to the display's settings. From there, scroll through the views and select the desired one. Hold the reset button until the display reaches zero.

If you find you cannot solve the display problems yourself after reading this page, we recommend consulting our experts at a nearby store.

Want more information on this topic? Then download our Shimano user manual or Bosch user manual for free.