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Among the variety of ebike motors available today, mid-drive ebike systems are one of the most efficient and enjoyable options. At Gazelle, we spec our ebikes with premium mid-drive motors from Bosch eBike Systems to deliver the most powerful and reliable ride experience. Mid-drive ebikes offer a smooth and well-balanced ride quality, ideal for leisure, sport, and commuting. Wherever and however you ride, a Gazelle mid-drive ebike is a trusted and delightful choice.

Mid-Drive eBike Features

Reliable Movement

Mid-drive motors are located in the middle of the ebike between the pedals and the bike's bottom bracket, creating a low center of gravity and a smooth, intuitive ride feel, even when shifting between different levels of motor support. Over the past few years, mid-drive electric motor technology has seen significant advancements resulting in lighter and sleeker ebikes. In addition to great looks and lower weights, mid-drive ebikes boast superior stability and efficient gear usage, making climbing easier and rough terrain smoother, compared to hub drive ebikes. Ready to experience the advantage of a mid-drive ebike?

Powerful Battery Integration

Gazelle mid-drive ebikes feature the most efficient batteries available from Bosch. A few of our mid-drive electric bikes have rack-mounted carrier batteries, however, the majority have batteries integrated within the downtube in a sleek low-profile format. The integrated in-tube battery, combined with the mid-mounted motor, creates a perfectly balanced bike, and a peerlessly intuitive and natural-feeling ride experience. All mid-drive ebike batteries are removable and can either be charged on or off the bike. Batteries are secured with our one-key AXA system, maximizing your mid-drive electric bike's security. 

Frame Designs for You

At Gazelle, we offer a variety of frame styles and make mid-drive electric bikes for every type of rider. Our high-step frames offer a sporty feel, while our step-through frames provide easy access for mounting and dismounting. We also offer mid-step frame styles for riders who want the stiffness of a high step but with a little more accessibility.

All of our ebikes are equipped with useful accessories such as fenders and lights, as well as a chain guard, kickstand, bell, lock, and an integrated rear rack. Our goal is to make your daily ride a breeze by providing everything you need with the bike.

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