Lifestyle Bikes

Gazelle Lifestyle Bikes

A bike to match your lifestyle

Whether it’s getting to work, picking up groceries, taking the kids to school, or fun rides in the park, Gazelle makes a bike for you.  Get there and look good doing it, Gazelle blends function and fashion into a bike that fits your life. Offering low, mid and high-step bikes, Gazelle electric bikes will bring you everywhere. 

Distinctive design

A bike made just for you

Gazelle bikes are designed to withstand daily use, and to look good doing it.  We understand it’s important for your bike to reflect your individuality, which is why we offer a variety of models, styles and colors. We place a high priority on making sure our bikes are both superbly functional and distinctive in design.  

Comfort position

A bike made for comfort

Gazelle bikes are designed to ride long and often. Hence, we desgned our bikes to be extremely comfortable. We make no consessions on the quality of the frame, parts and assembly process. All this happens in our factory in Holland, since 1892

Accessible frame geometry will allow everyone to easily hop on and off our bikes. The upright seating position allows you to ride comfortably and have good visibility on what happens around you.