Gazelle Arroyo

Easy, elegant, comfortable

The Gazelle Arroyo family is a beautifully designed companion for smooth riding and classic Dutch style at its finest. Featuring top of the line components, an approachable low-step frame, relaxed riding position, and integrated Bosch e-bike technology, the Arroyo is equal parts capable and comfortable. The Arroyo is an all-arounder for trips of any type or duration, thanks to a powerful motor, high capacity battery, and thoughtful accessories.

  • Style to stand by
  • Power and ease
  • Performance and comfort

Style to stand by

Featuring classic Dutch style with modern benefits, the Arroyo's upright riding position and the roomy step-through frame provide blance, power, and grace. Relaxed riding and electrified speed make this bike ideal for city trips and beyond.

Power and ease

Choose from the Gazelle Arroyo C7 and C8's robust Bosch Active Line Plus Motor with 50 Nm of torque or the C5's powerful Bosch Performance Line Motor with 75 Nm of torque to assist your adventures. A 500 Wh integrated in-tube battery, a reliable internally-geared Shimano Nexus hub, and responsive hydraulic brakes provide power and modulation for smooth from riding up the steepest hills and down winding paths.

Performance and comfort

Featuring a lightweight suspension front fork, suspension seat post, and wide, puncture-resistant, e-bike-specific tires for control across all conditions, the Arroyo will accompany you on weekend farmer's market runs to commuting in style and casual rides around town.

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