Gazelle Ultimate

Sleek, sportive, and dynamic.

The Gazelle Ultimate family offers award-winning design, expertly marrying dynamic performance and premium comfort. Loaded with top-of-the-range components, ergnomic features, and powerful Bosch eBike Systems, Gazelle Ultimates offer a ride like no other. Sleek battery integration within the frame creates an eye-catching appearance, while its high capacity delivers a generous range suited to all sorts of adventures.

  • Comfort in all conditions
  • Elegant integration
  • Power and performance

Comfort in all conditions

Specced with premium Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires and generous front suspension, Gazelle Ultimates handle a wide range of road surfaces with ease. Ergonomic grips atop gently curved handlebars, a luxe Selle Royal saddle, and adjustable stem further enhance comfort.

Elegant integration

The Gazelle Ultimates are the end result of award-winning design centered seamless integration of the Bosch battery and motor and overall frame styling. This is an electric bike with serious curb appeal. The Ultimate is delightfully stable on the road thanks to a low centre of gravity and the stiffness of the frame.

Power and performance

Propelled by Bosch's latest generation motor systems, pedal-assistance is powerful and responsive, acutely adjusting to riders' effort and changes in incline. Even the steepest hills can be neutralized by the high-torque Performance Line and Performance Line Speed motors.

Meet the Ultimate family

Discover a range of sporty yet comfortable electric bikes ready to tackle any terrain. From the luxurious and sophisticated Ultimate C380 to the dynamic and responsive Ultimate T10+, there's an Ultimate for every type of rider.

Quote from: Adam

“This bike is a flying machine.”

I bought my Ultimate T10+ instead of a second car for my commute to work. The assist makes it possible to do the 20-mile round-trip to my office while getting me there faster than public transport. It’s opened up a whole new world for me and I’m enjoying burning calories instead of gas!

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