Gazelle Accessories

Gazelle-branded accessories, including panniers, commuter bags, and rack top-mounted carrier bags will soon be available for purchase through our Gazelle North America retailer network. Our accessories feature durable, water-resistant fabrics, sleek designs, and the same quality you would expect from our bikes. These bags enable riders to confidently carry cargo in any conditions, and enjoy the ride farther and longer. Curious to learn more? Scroll down to see our forthcoming assortment of accessories.

Good things come to those who wait

Revolutionary Hub Technology

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Boasting a 380% ratio range, the Enviolo 380 trekking hub allows riders to shift steplessly and silently, under load or even when standing still, creating a relaxed riding experience, and eliminates the downsides of a traditional derailleur and internal hub with the additional benefit of being super low maintenance.


Gazelle Commuter Bag

The Gazelle commuter bag was designed for getting to work with peace of mind. Everything you need for a day at the office will be well protected in this waterproof bag, including your computer, with a special compartment developed specifically to cushion your laptop. The Gazelle commuter bag has a removable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying off the bike and attachment hooks to ensure the bag is tightly fastened to your bike's rear rack.

  • 20L capacity
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Reflective elements
  • Removable shoulder strap

$159.99 MSRP


Gazelle Carrier Bag (Racktop Bag)

The Gazelle carrier bag is the versatile chameleon in our lineup of accessories. If flexibility is important to you, this MIK-ready rack top-mounted bag offers the ideal setup for your Gazelle, featuring special expandable compartments that dramatically increase your carrying capacity. Even the main compartment can be expanded upwards to provide enough space for your items. Reflective elements on the sides of the bag provide improved visibility, especially in low light conditions, while the water-repellent material and included rain cover will keep your bag’s contents dry even in wet weather.

  • 31L capacity (with all three compartments expanded)
  • Equipped with a rain cover
  • Reflective elements all around
  • Easy mounting with the MIK-system
 $149.99 MSRP