Pedal Assist Electric Bikes

Pedal Assist Electric Bikes

A versatile and simple way to ebike

Activate your electric bike’s motor an easier way, by simply pedaling. Gazelle offers a variety of pedal assist ebikes, so you can ride without having to worry about twisting a throttle. With options featuring speed and torque sensors, you can choose whether you do most of the work or the motor takes control.


All You Need In One Motor

Gazelle ebikes feature high-quality motors from Bosch so you get a powerful, swift riding experience. With Bosch motors, cycling is effortless no matter where you're headed. Whether you’re going uphill, downhill, on city streets, or down dirt roads, you’ll ride smoothley thanks to the 4 different assistance levels on all Gazelle electric assist bikes. Due to the excellent riding experience provided by a high-quality Bosch motor, you will fall in love with riding a Gazelle ebike.

Intuitive and Custom Feel

The pedal assist feature is intuitive; it feels like you're riding with your legs but better. It also allows you to customize your assistance level depending on the terrain. Dial the motor back on flat ground, or increase the power to get more help going up steep hills. You’re in control with an electric assist bike from Gazelle, no sudden bursts or lulls of power, only consistent, enjoyable riding.

Quality Components and Thoughtful Design

Gazelle doesn’t skimp on the features, which is why we use quality components from manufacturers like Bosch and Shimano. Add in features like wide tires for comfort and hydraulic brakes for better control going downhill; and it's clear to see why Gazelle bikes are known for their quality. Whether it’s the battery, the motor, or the seat, you’ll love everything about your Gazelle pedal assist electric bike.

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Our ambassadors love sharing their stories about riding Gazelle bikes on our blog. Learn why they choose a Gazelle pedal assist electric bike and how it has elevated their daily routine. Their adventurous rides are inspiring and passion for cycling is infectious, so check out their stories and become inspired by these lovely Gazelle riders.

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Here at Royal Dutch Gazelle, we have worked for over 130 years to produce the highest-quality, most comfortable, lightweight bikes possible. Our love of cycling inspires thoughtful design and technical innovation.A Gazelle, we are committed to making stylish, safe, comfortable bicycles that are built for your daily life and for the long haul.

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