Transporter bikes

Gazelle transporter bikes

With our lightweight transporter bikes and their tough wide tyres, a sleek design or a unique front carrier, you will cut a dash as well as having a practical machine. You will cycle across town in style with these fashionable bikes with a handy crate or bag up front. The bike will always remain stable thanks to a new sturdy twin-leg kick stand and convenient handlebar lock. These bikes with a rack provide very pleasant handling thanks to their lightweight design. What’s more, the robust and lightweight frame makes the delivery bike suitable for carrying your (shopping) bag or schoolbag for example. Choose the delivery bike that suits you and show who you are.

A practical, strong transporter bike by Gazelle with a modern design!

Why is the Gazelle transporter bike such a popular bike?

Gazelle delivery bikes are renowned for their robust design and practical features. These bikes are fitted with a robust front carrier, which makes it easy to carry your shopping bag or schoolbag. The front carrier is also suitable for fitting a crate or basket. You can stamp your own style on your delivery bike with a robust crate or a colourful basket.

A twin-leg stand and steering lock make the delivery bike simple to park, without falling over. Wide tyres are a visible feature of the robust appearance. A number of men’s delivery bikes feature a twin tube in the frame. The women’s delivery bike has similarities in outward appearance with a granny bike, one of which is the low step-through. In addition to this, a coaster brake can be found on a number of delivery bikes.

Delivery bikes for every situation

Going to the park with your friends? Or out for a meal with a friend? The delivery bike for women is robust and elegant. Add refinement to your Gazelle delivery bike with a colourful basket or crate on the front carrier. Simply use it to carry your bag.

The delivery bike has features of the familiar granny bike. A lightweight ladies’ step-through makes the delivery bike easy to mount. Comfortable suspension gives the bike a smooth ride and steering.