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7 cycling day trips from London

Although the range provided by an ebike battery varies depending on how much assistance you ask it to provide, almost all ebikes should be able to manage 40 miles of pedal assistance and many can provide...

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Man and woman with a bicycle | Grenoble C7

The perfect date: Date on a bike

Forget relationship sites, dating apps, the traditional dinner out and quick speed dates. People who have tried all kinds of dating, without success, and want to build a relationship for once, are better off getting on...

Man and woman on a bicycle | Grenoble C7

How Dutch cycling has influenced the UK

The Netherlands is widely held as setting the gold standard for cycling provisions and is one of the best examples of a society where cycling is a normal part of daily life. It’s also one of...

Women with e-bike | Vento C7

Keep your electric bike clean

Regular bike cleaning helps to keep your E-Bike looking beautiful and performing at its best! Cleaning your E-Bike will help ensure your bike looks good and feels great to ride. It’s an easy job to do...

Man on e-bike | Chamonix C7 HMS

How to keep your bike roadworthy (and safe!)

A well cared for bike is easier to ride, more reliable, more fun and — crucially — safer, too. General routine maintenance also something that even the least technically minded rider can keep an eye on....

Man on a bicycle | CityZen T10

Cycling Safely In London

Although cycling is a lot safer than many non-cyclists appreciate, it’s not entirely risk-free. However, by following our seven simple steps, you can significantly increase your chances of riding happily ever after. And the best news...

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