Electric bike

Gazelle Avignon white electric bicycle woman with low entry and helmet
Gazelle ebike ultimate electric bike

Are e-bikes really eco-friendly?

CO2 difference between e-bikes and other means of transport So what is actually the best and most environmentally friendly way to get around? An ordinary bike or an e-bike? How much CO2 does an e-bike emit?...

Women on bike | Miss Grace C7

How to look after your Electric bike?

With a bit of common sense, it’s surprisingly easy to look after your ebike and maintain its electrical systems and battery. We spoke to John Campbell from approved Gazelle dealer Electric Transport Shop York for his...

Women with e-bike | Vento C7

Keep your electric bike clean

Regular bike cleaning helps to keep your E-Bike looking beautiful and performing at its best! Cleaning your E-Bike will help ensure your bike looks good and feels great to ride. It’s an easy job to do...

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Care for your Electric bike

Regular maintenance to keep your Gazelle E-Bike in perfect working order will ensure you enjoy every ride. Basic maintenance will keep your E-Bike running smoothly and efficiently. It isn’t a difficult task, especially if done regularly....

Man on a bicycle | CityZen T10

Cycling Safely In London

Although cycling is a lot safer than many non-cyclists appreciate, it’s not entirely risk-free. However, by following our seven simple steps, you can significantly increase your chances of riding happily ever after. And the best news...

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