CVT Hub eBike Benefits

Spring into a New Gear

Take a moment to go deep on one of the most clever gearing systems we spec...the Enviolo C380 CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) hub. This handy little hub graces several models in our fleet, and offers a unique ride experience and some delightful benefits. 

Spring into a New Gear

What's So Great About CVT?

Durable & Reliable Durable & Reliable

Durable and Reliable 

Enviolo's CVT or continuously variable transmission hub has many benefits. Chief among them is the long term reliability of the drive unit. The Enviolo CVT is self-contained and sealed, so no maintenance or lubrication is required. Love low maintenance living? CVT is for you.

Twist Shifter Twist Shifter

Always in the Right Gear 

The continuously variable part of CVT means there are no steps between gears, so you can easily shift from a lower gear to a higher one and back again by twisting the shifter at any time while riding, even when you are at complete stop. In a high gear right before a big hill? No problem!

Silent Shifting Silent Shifting

Smooth and Silent

The CVT hub from Enviolo enables stepless, smooth, and whisper quiet shifting, especially when combined with a belt our case, a Gates carbon belt drive. No clicks, clacks, or squeaks, just easy, relaxed shifting that meet your specific riding needs and style.

All About Enviolo CVT

Curious about stepless shifting and how a 380% ratio range can be achieved? Watch this video from Enviolo to learn more about this miraculous gearing solution.