Hey Google,

Everywhere in the world people are using bikes increasingly often. To get to work. Or for day trips. We are in the middle of a bike revolution, and that is good for our health as well as for the planet. 

An electric bike is faster

Help us speed it up

Google can speed this up further. By doing just one thing. Google Maps route planner uses an average cycling speed of 16 km/h in its calculations. An electric bike is quite a bit faster. And a speed pedelec is almost three times as fast.

That is some difference! The difference between living in the city or finally moving to the countryside. The difference between daily exercise and a sedentary lifestyle.

E-Bike in Google Maps

Time for an update

So in our humble opinion, it's time for an update. Some of the smartest people on the planet work at Google. And we think they would also want to do something smart for the planet.

Today is World Bicycle Day. And if there is one day in the year for asking your help, then that is today. Would you like to add the e-bike as travel mode to your route planner?

Do you need help? With over 125 years of bike experience, we will be happy to advise on this. Let's speed up the bike revolution together!