Electric Bike Motor

Problems with the Motor of an Electric Bike

Is your electric bike not working? A defective motor can be the cause of this issue. Before we discuss possible problems with an ebike motor and their solutions, it is useful to understand how the motor actually works. The ebike motor is often located in the center of the bicycle or on one of the wheels. On a Gazelle bike, the motor is always a mid-mounted motor. While cycling, an ebike motor supplements your own physical output with the power of the electric motor. The electric motor, in turn, receives energy from the battery located in the center of the frame or under the rear rack. Intelligent sensors measure the pedaling force, speed, and rotation of the pedals. This ensures that the motor provides the right amount of electrical support in all conditions.

What Kind of Motor Problems Can Occur?

Is your electric bike's motor broken? There can be many different reasons why an ebike motor stops working. These can be directly related to the motor, but also have other causes. For example, the display may be faulty or the battery may be dead. Below you will discover the causes of why motor assistance can fail and what you can do in those cases to resolve the issue.


The Display

If your display or on-board computer no longer works, it is often because the contacts have rusted due to wetness or cold. This prevents the current from flowing undisturbed. This can lead to malfunctions and display failure. Many displays can be easily removed from the holder to check the contacts. On other models, you must first loosen a screw at the bottom to remove the display. Often the display will work again if you reconnect it afterwards. If that doesn't work, you can also wipe the contacts with a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth or detergents, as they can damage the contacts. 

The problem can also be fixed by restarting the display. If these solutions don't work, visit a Gazelle dealer near you. Here, experts are ready to help you.


The Battery

If you have problems with the motor of your electric bike, it could also be because of the battery. Sometimes the battery isn't seated properly in its mount, allowing the battery to move around a bit. For a quick fix, you can use foam rubber to fill any gaps between the casing and the frame. In the long run, we recommend getting this repaired at a Gazelle bike store. 

As with the display, it is also possible that moisture has penetrated the contacts of your battery. The best thing to do is to remove the battery from its holder, check all the contacts and dry them with a cloth. After this, you can replace the battery and the bike should work again.

Another cause for problems with the motor due to the battery may be a faulty circuit board. In this case, it is best to go to a bike store to have the circuit board or the entire battery replaced.


The Sensors

A malfunctioning ebike motor can also be caused by broken sensors. Sensor technology controls the transfer of motor power to the drive train. It ensures a good riding experience and optimal and effective support. When defects occur in these sensors, it can cause the motor to suddenly fail. In this case, it is best to consult a Gazelle expert. 


Wiring and Connections

Finally, if your ebike motor is causing problems, it may be due to interrupted cable connections. On uneven road surfaces such as cobblestones, your bike experiences a lot of shock. This can cause the wiring to become loose. In that case, the motor is no longer controlled and the pedal assistance fails. 

If the cables run outside the frame, you can easily check the cable connections yourself and reattach any loose cables. If your ebike's wiring runs largely through the frame, this is a lot more difficult. Stop by a Gazelle bike store near you to receive expert support.