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Weight of an eBike

You won't notice it while cycling, but an electric bike is heavier than a normal bike in terms of weight. Are you curious about how much our electric bikes weigh? Or do you want to know if you can take an ebike with you on the back of the car? We'll tell you!

How Much Does an Electric Bike Weigh?

An electric bike without the battery weighs about 44-58 lbs (20-26 kg). To this, you can add the weight of the battery, which is about 6-7 lbs (2.5-3 kg). All in all, an ebike is about 13 -18 lbs (6-8 kg) heavier than a normal bike. Do you notice this while cycling? No, because our ebikes are specially designed for the extra weight of the motor and battery. Therefore, you will never notice that your electric bike weighs a few pounds more while you are riding. On the contrary, the powerful pedal assistance ensures that your electric bike feels very light, and you do not feel any burden from the ebike itself.

E-bike Weight

Can You Put an eBike on a Bike Rack on Your Car or Trailer?

In principle, you can put your electric bike on a bike rack without any problem. However, it is important to know exactly how much your ebike weighs and how much load capacity your bike rack has. Bike racks have an average load capacity of 66 lbs (30 kg), depending on the car and rack design. There are ebike-specific racks you can purchase to ensure you have an appropriate capacity. Planning to carry more than one electric bike on the back of the car? Then check the manual of your bike carrier first to make sure it has the carrying capacity. This way, you will be carefree on the road and can fully enjoy a cycling vacation or weekend away! Is your electric bike a bit on the heavy side? Here is a handy tip to make your ebike lighter.

Can I Make an eBike Lighter?

Whenever possible, remove the battery from your ebike during transport to reduce its weight. This quickly saves 6-7 lbs (2.5-3 kg) in weight, making it easier to lift the electric bike and place it on a bike rack, for example. Besides the advantage of lightening your ebike by removing the battery, it's also better for the battery's longevity to store it in the car. This helps the battery maintain a constant temperature, prolonging its lifespan. Who wouldn't want that?

E-bike Weight

What Influence Does the Weight of an Electric Bike Have?

Because of the powerful and efficient pedal assistance of a mid-mounted motor, you will not easily notice that an electric bicycle is heavier than a regular bicycle. However, the heavier your ebike is, the shorter your range will be. The distribution of weight on an electric bike also affects the riding experience. When the center of gravity is in the middle of the bike, as on electric bikes with a mid motor, you have the most natural riding experience. 

Test for Yourself Which eBike You Like Best

Discovering the perfect electric bike for you is truly a hands-on experience. Visit a nearby bike shop or stop by our Experience Center for a test ride on our range of ebikes. You can opt for a spontaneous visit or schedule an online consultation. During your appointment, a knowledgeable Gazelle advisor will be available to address any questions you have regarding our electric bikes.