Bosch mid-mounted motor

E-bikes featuring the Bosch mid-mounted motor

Powerful and robust

Enjoy effortless cycling with the smooth and powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor. The low positioning of the motor gives the bike a responsive and stable feel. The Bosch mid-mounted motor is ideal for daily trips as well as long distances. With torque ranging from 48 Nm up to a maximum of 60 Nm, it provides assistance on both flat and hilly terrain. Enjoy carefree cycling on your Gazelle with a Bosch mid-mounted motor.

All Gazelle bikes come with the highest capacity batteries available

How far you can go? Well, it depends on your battery. That’s why we spec our bikes with the highest capacity batteries available from Bosch. All Gazelle Bosch equipped bikes include 500 Wh batteries providing a range up to 100 miles.

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