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How Do You Store Your eBike Properly?

Nothing is as annoying as having a bike stolen, especially if it's a good ebike. In this article, we'll provide you with four ways to store your electric bike as safely as possible, ensuring you can enjoy it for years to come.

How Do You Store Your eBike Properly?

Option 1: Storing Your eBike in the Shed, Garage, or Basement

If you have a shed, garage, or basement, this is your best option for storing your electric bicycle. There is plenty of space, the bike is out of sight from the street and prying eyes, and your ebike is safe behind a locked door. Always use a good lock though to be extra safe.

However, there is a small disadvantage for storing ebikes in these spaces: in winter, they can be  cold and damp, which is not so good for your electric bike. If this is the case for your space, we recommend storing your ebike inside the house if possible, or at least during the winter. Don't have enough room for that? Then remove your battery and store it securely in your home. Read more about how to safely store your battery in our article.

Additionally, you can always cover your electric bike with a tarp or protective cover to shield it from the cold and moisture. This way, you create better conditions for your ebike during the winter.

Option 2: Placing Your eBike in a Bike Rack

Bike racks aren't just practical for schools and train stations—they're also a great option for households looking to safely store multiple bikes or ebikes side by side. Thanks to the stable and permanently installed supports, your bike remains steady and won't topple over.

You can install them under a carport if available, or choose a spot in your garage, basement, or shed. Moreover, with a bike rack, you can always secure your ebike with a lock, providing added security against theft.

Option 3: Mounting Your Electric Bike on a Wall Mount

As mentioned earlier, the best and safest way to store your ebike is at home. If space is limited, a wall mount can be the perfect solution.

This turns your ebike into a striking centerpiece in your home, easily removed from the wall when you're ready to ride. There are various wall holders available, ranging from sleek plexiglass designs to simple wooden hooks. Depending on your space, you can opt for either a horizontal or vertical holder.

Most wall mounts are universal, suitable for regular bikes, electric bicycles, city bikes, or road bikes. If you decide to switch to a different model, you can continue using the bracket without any issues. However, be sure to consider the bracket's load capacity and your bike's weight.

How to store your e-bike safely?

Option 4: Storing Your eBike Outside

If you have no other choice, you can park your ebike outside. However, always secure your electric bike with a sturdy lock. Pass the lock through your tire and the frame of your ebike, fastening it to a fixed object like a bike rack or lamppost. Never leave your battery or other valuable components unattended on your ebike; bring them indoors where they can be stored safely and kept dry.

Shield your electric bicycle from moisture and cold. Investing in a tarp or protective cover to place over your ebike at night can help prevent rust, maintain the integrity of the saddle, and reduce dirt accumulation. Additionally, protecting the electrical contacts from moisture decreases the risk of malfunction. Having the ebike covered and out of sight will also draw less attention to it.

If feasible, store your electric bike where it's visible from your home, allowing you to monitor it at all times, and ideally, not visible from the street. Furthermore, consider insuring your electric bike if you choose to store it outdoors, as this is where theft is most likely to occur.

Additional Storage Tips for Your Electric Bike

During winter, it's crucial to shield your battery from cold and moisture. We've compiled comprehensive advice on the best practices for storing and charging your battery.

If you opt to store your ebike throughout the winter, thorough cleaning beforehand is essential to prevent rusting. Additionally, monitor your tire pressure regularly during the winter to prevent potential sidewall damage from a flat tire. Before storing your electric bike, ensure thorough lubrication of the bike chain and gears to prevent rust.

Need further guidance on caring for your ebike? Our experts are here to assist you. Visit our Experience Center or go to a Gazelle bike store nearby for personalized advice. You can also schedule an online consultation with a Gazelle advisor who will address all your inquiries.